By day, I am a Planner, by evening a Philosopher and by night a nightclub manager or DJ.

I support the woefully mediocre Aston Villa.

I ride a Longboard to work. Everyday.

I am an avid people-watcher.

I’m named after Shakespeare’s Viola from Twelfth Night (you know, that cross-dressing chick).

I have a one-eyed ginger geriatric cat with a thyroid problem called Moses.

(I’m not even kidding)


But enough about me.

When can we talk about you?




If you want to offer me a cushy job, check out my elevator pitch. 

Then stalk me on Linkedin so I can get a heads-up (creepy how you can see who has been eyeing you up, no?)



Got an opinion? Don't care. I'm joking, comment here:

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